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Category Archives: NEWS

IOC president Thomas Bach congratulates WKF for 50th Anniversary

IOC president Thomas Bach sent a congratulatory message to the Karate family as the Karate community around the world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of the WKF. Bach told “I would like to add my heartfelt congratulations … Continue reading

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Video on Demand version of “The BEST KARATE 2 of TATSUYA NAKA -“GOKUI” The Innermost Secret of Naka Tatsuya” released!

In this work, he reveals many techniques that are difficult for the opponent to react to, such as the basics, evolution, application, and operation method of “Gyakuzuki”. Unbalance is the ultimate power… but this unbalance must be controlled and created. … Continue reading

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Video on Demand version of “The BEST KARATE of TATSUYA NAKA -Body exercises with moving Chu-tanden-” released!

This is the eternal standard. Aim to improve the quality by upgrading the basics that you have acquired. And develop it into a technique that can be used for Kumite. In the basic edition, you will learn the correct movement … Continue reading

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Rika Usami’s Gold Seminar The world’s best basics and Chatanyara Kusanku

-Easily perfect Waza without holding breath or getting tense!- It’s full of “important points” that will give you an idea! Rika Usami, the world champion who took the whole world into a frenzy, makes her first appearance at a JKFan … Continue reading

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Organizing Committee of the Games considers restrictions on actions at the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

The Games Organizing Committee is considering restrictions on actions in the locker room regarding measures against the new coronavirus in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games venues and the Olympic Village. According to the infectious disease control plan being considered … Continue reading

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Japanese competition “Karate performance VS investigation of Japanese musical instruments”

On November 8th, Japanese competition” Karatedo performance VS Japanese musical instrument investigation” will be held. A team of three Japanese national team players, Kazumasa Moto, who has won gold medals in international competitions, Sae Taira, Misaki Yabumoto, and Saori Ishibashi, … Continue reading

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IOC president Thomas Bach announces negative opinion on unattended game

On Wednesday, October 7, IOC president Thomas Bach told at an online press conference after the board meeting on the 7th, “We are basically thinking that spectators will come from the world (to Tokyo)” He once again gave a negative … Continue reading

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A karate tournament for COVID-19 measures was held

The “63rd 2020 Kanto University Karatedo Championships” was held at Nippon Budokan on Sunday, October 4th. This tournament is a memorable tournament that will be the first martial arts tournament to be held after the renovation work of Nippon Budokan. … Continue reading

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KARATE-DO- Reproduse form 35mm Movie

The father of KARATE -Gichin Funakoshi’s time-honoured form fully depicted. Long kepr away, the 1956 thirty five m/m movie of the fearless youth of Japan Karate Association’s founding members led by the greatest master Masatoshi Nakayama has been completely restored … Continue reading

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Side story of TOMARI-TE Seminar Basics of fighting for boys and girls

-Master strong Tsuki- Yoshitomo Yamashiro, a master of Okinawa Kenpo, teaches children the most basic techniques of Okinawa Kenpo to “win the battle”. He teaches strong Tsuki, awareness of how to use the body, and exercises that can be used … Continue reading

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