World Karate Federation General Secretary Office News Letter vol.98


I hope everyone has a happy new year.
On the occasion of the New Year, WKF’s response to KARATE
Thinking “Karate for Life”,and at PL Cairo three weeks later
Guardian Girls Global Karate Program(GGGK Program) Introducing the schedule.
#Karate for Life 

More than half a century has passed since WKF was established. And Tokyo 2020 made it possible to make it an Olympic event, which was a dream for many years.
In this history, WKF presented “Karate for Life” as a key word in response to the IOC’s question, “What new value will karate bring to the Olympic Games?”
This English can be interpreted in various ways. First of all, WKF would like to emphasize that “karate is not just a sport. The point is that it provides new value that is not found in other products.
It can be said that what many people involved in karate in Japan have been advocating for many years has naturally been nurtured over time within the WKF, the world sports governing body (International Federation = IF).
What is Karate for Life for you?
I would like to think about the various interpretations together from the next time.

PL Cairo / GGGK Program

The 1st GGGK Program will be held during PL Cairo (January 27-29), the first key event of the year. As you already know, this program is a collaborative cultural activity of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)/NPO corporation KIF/WKF to protect women from all forms of violence.
As a martial arts sport that originated in Japan, we have received the full cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Embassy of Japan in Cairo. The schedule is as follows.

Saturday, January 28th
Morning: GGGK Program Introduction Presentation at the Ambassador’s Residence
Afternoon: GGGK Practical Seminar at match venue (separate room)
January 29 (Sun)
Before the final: Demonstration at the match venue

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