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World Karate Federation General Secretary Office News Letter vol.23

A contract with ISB: aiming for major sports

Sadly they are almost unknown in Japan, but the WKF World Senior Championships, which are held biannually, have become very popular in Europe and surrounding countries, where they are broadcast live. The WKF’s focus on regular TV broadcasts has made it easier for the championship organizers to adjust their content and time slots to respond to the fan’s expectations and to fit the live context. Furthermore, this has allowed the technology behind it to advance, and put such systems into place as video awards, etc. For some time now, they have reached an agreement with the International Sports Broadcasting company (ISB) that allows them to broadcast all 8 Premier League tournaments during the next 4 years, from 2017 to 2020, as well as the World Senior Championships.

ISB is the top corporation in the world of sports broadcasting channels, they have a specialized company team which is solely in charge of the WKF, and are also in charge of the sales of their broadcast championship footage and televising rights.

This year they will inspect all of the WKF Premier League tournaments, and then next year begin broadcasting live their designated 8 tournaments. The Premier League was established 5 years ago, and just last year 5000 participants from 68 countries and regions attended. We think that such a popular event in the world of Karate should be spread to a wider audience. Our aim is to make watching a Karate match in the living room a perfectly normal activity, just like watching baseball, soccer, rugby or skating on any household TV set.


We have received coverage from Tokyo MX TV. We have discussed our thoughts regarding the Olympic games, as well as the details and overseas leadership episodes until the secretary-general assumes office.
■21st of March (Monday, public holiday) from 20:30 to 20:55
Tokyo MX TV “Countdown Tokyo”
Talk corner “One Photograph”

World Karate Federation General Secretary
Toshihisa Nagura

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