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World Karate Federation General Secretary Office News Letter vol.85

■ Tokyo Olympics ■
The Olympic Games are just around the corner. In the Covid19 pandemic, again in Japan
Under the state of emergency, there are various opinions about whether or not the event can be held. WKF’s basic posture
I have stated it several times, but I would like to clarify it again here.

“WKF is the world of karate as a Universal Sport from Japan at Nippon Budokan, a sacred place for martial arts.
We are making every effort to showcase the highest level of karate to everyone in the world. “

◆ Olympic Standing decides the top 4 people in each class and the Host Country frame
With the end of the European Championships on May 23, all games eligible for points, which started in July 2018, have been completed.
The Olympic Standing has been confirmed, and the top four players in each class and eight Japanese players in the Host Country frame have been confirmed.
Female Kumite-55Kg Miho Miyahara
Male Kumite-67kg Naoto Sago
Female Kumite-61Kg Mayumi Someya
Male Kumite-75Kg Ken Nishimura
Female Kumite +61Kg Ayumi Uekusa
Male Kumite +75Kg Ryutaro Araga
Feale Kata Kiyou Shimizu
Male kata Ryo Kiyuna
We praise the great fights of the players who arrived here after a long journey, and at the same time, all of the mental skills of Japanese karate.
I hope that you will powerfully disseminate information to the world, including courtesy.

◆ Paris Qualification Tournament (QT)
A QT of NF players selected by the Olympic Standing will be held in Paris from June 11th to 13th.
One person in each class, provided that there is no binding by WKF Ranking. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place (1 player) players
You will get the 6th, 7th, and 8th slots following the OS above.

◆ About the remaining 16
After the QT, the number of players in each class will be increased to 12 from the winner of each continental game.
The remaining 4 people (2 men and 2 women each) will be allocated and will be decided by the IOC / WKF consultation as a Tripartite Commission frame.

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