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World Karate Federation General Secretary Office News Letter vol.93

Los Angeles 2028Olympic Games

It’s around this time that the WKF has been asked if they have given up on returning to the Olympics since the removal of karate from the Paris 2024 Games. The facts are completely different.IOC, LA28 from January this year to last weekend (I would like to inform you about the movement of the Organizing Committee and the activities of WKF’s large wheels in response to this.

IOC, LA28 decisions and upcoming Timeline 2022

February 2022 IOC General Assembly (Beijing) Primary Sport Program 28 event decided. Weightlifting, boxing and modern pentathlon are excluded from the conventional core 28 S port. Surfing, skateboarding and climbing are adopted.
May Additional event primary selection, up to 9 events.
July Official presentation for his LA28 by the above events. LA28 proposes additional events to the IOC.
2023 There is a possibility of returning due to the redeliberations of the 3rd IOC.
Second Quarter IOC General Assembly (Munbai 28 + (3) + Total number of athletes who will participate in additional events 10,500 Tokyo 11,400, Paris Approximately 12,000)

WKF activities

In 2021, negotiations with the IOC president and executives began, and are still ongoing.
January 2022 WKF, USANKF Online meetings, face-to-face meetings frequently held
Formed WKF Olympic Commission with the Secretary-General at the top, and started negotiations with LA28.
April “Request for implementation of additional karate competition” resolution by the Karatedo Promotion Council. A face-to-face meeting with the top of LA28 was realized by the Consul General of Los Angeles and the Secretary-General of WKF. Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology handed over the request form of Prime Minister Suga to the top of LA28.
Received themes and basic principles applicable to selection from LA28. (Appended)
Online briefing session for all NFs from WKF HQ / Comm.

The execution goal is exactly the same as in Tokyo and Paris. In other words, “LA28 proposes karate to the IOC as an additional event.”
The selection criteria are objectively extremely advantageous for karate. On the other hand, the total number of players in all events, which is 10,500, is an extremely high hurdle.
WKF will do its utmost to work in full cooperation with USANKF.
WKF never gives up on the permanent Olympic event of karate.
We ask for your continued support and cooperation.

LA 2028 Sports Programme Themes and basic principles applied to selection Principles

Cost and complexity
Karate is the least expensive
It is one of the sports. The match venue is the simplest existing gymnasium and there is no problem at all. Various equipment at FOP, player uniforms, etc. are also extremely low cost.
The number of participating athletes is the same as that of Tokyo 2020, and 80 players (40 men and women each) are appropriate.

Best athletes and athlete safety
All qualifiers are members
The door is fair and completely open to NF athletes.
The selection will be conducted by the Premier League, the selection of the best athletes by the ranking system based on the accumulation of world and continental championships, and the QT that can participate regardless of the ranking.
The qualifying period, match interval, and match method are all based on a schedule that takes into consideration the health and safety of the players.

Popularity and host country interest
The popularity in the world including USA is enormous, and the TV audience rating and the number of SNS followers in the world at Tokyo 2020, USA clearly show that.
USA accounts for three out of 80 of his Tokyo 2020 players, one of whom has won his medal. In LA, eight U SA players are promised to participate as the host country frame, and his USA player’s further possibility of winning his medal is extremely high, and a high audience rating is expected.

Uniqueness, universality, gender equality and relevance for youth
A unique and powerful form based on the traditional martial arts that originated in Japan, extremely composed of the second type of kumite that controls explosive striking techniques and gives top priority to safety.
It is a unique event. 198NF, enthusiasts well over 100 million people, popularity of young people, etc., it can be said that it is the sport that best meets the conditions as a lifelong sport. Gender equality, especially for contestants, has already been fully achieved in all disciplines.

Integrity and fairness
The implementation of the Anti-doping program is thorough, and the actual situation of violation cases is always at the lowest level among all sports.
Referees, judge education programs, and rankings have a very long history and high standards. In addition, improvements such as the introduction of IT for match judgment are being made.
IF governance has been operated extremely democratically for 52 years since its establishment, while maintaining sufficient transparency and reliability.

Environmental sustainability
Considering the environment in all aspects such as the above-mentioned stadium environment, player-first game method for ensuring safety, and the actual situation of lifelong martial arts sports covering all ages, mainly young people, it should be positioned as a sport that guarantees sustainability. Can be done.
W KF has also started working on #Greenkarate Project, and he is working on the development of environmentally friendly dogi and armor.

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