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World Karate Federation General Secretary Office News Letter vol.24

To be shared with all prefectural representatives

On Friday, March 25th, I attended the JOC Junior Olympic Cup the 35th All Japan Invitational High School Karate Championships at Hollai Kitayell in Hokkaido.

At the meeting that preceded the opening ceremony, the World Karatedo Federation had the chance to hold an informational exchange meeting with the representatives of the boards of each prefecture of the All Japan High School Athletic Federation Karate Division. I feel we were able to distribute information directly to the people in charge of informing the students on such topics as the rules being developed for the junior Olympics and what foundation they are being discussed on, and the schedule leading up to the IOC meeting in August. Within the All Japan High School Athletic Federation there are many WKF Referees , and I believe they were able to gain a deeper understanding of the issues.

Message to High School Students at the Opening Ceremony

I delivered the following remarks in front of the elite students chosen in preliminary contests all over the country at the opening ceremony.

“Before the Rio De Janeiro Olympics this August, we are certain to receive the wonderful news that karate will be a part of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.
We have seen that an important part of the International Olympic Committee’s plan to reform the Olympics is the implementation of sports that are popular with young people, and that both men and women can take part in equally. Karate is a sport that fulfills these aspirations.
The gathering of high school athletes from all over Japan at this opening ceremony in itself shows the future development of karate and its value and promise as an Olympic sport. I look forward to a close contest.”

I am grateful to the representatives of the All Japan High School Athletic Federation Karate Division and the Hokkaido Karatedo Federation for allowing me to use this forum as an opportunity for the exchange of beneficial information.
Unfortunately I had to leave Hokkaido before the start of the competition, but I heard that the entrance for athletes, the progression of the awards ceremony, and the layout of the competition space were all done according to WKF style. Without a doubt, it was a significant event for the high school students of today, some of whom will go on to become tomorrow’s generation of Olympians.

World Karate Federation General Secretary
Toshihisa Nagura

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